What is BIM?

B.I.M. is a term common to the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries – it stands for Building Information Modelling.

Primary benefits of BIM technology for clients include:

  • Clash detections and co-ordination for less documentation errors (saving time and money).
  • Accurate schedules for pricing.
  • Smoother project management and implementation for contractors.

DCA have been early adopters of the emerging technology, and continue to push forward with implementing the resource into our project workflows.

Committing to the software and its processes is part of the equation, but of equal importance is having trained, skilled team members to leverage the most benefit from it.

James West, our BIM Manager, is leading our initiative with BIM and has recently completed an extensive training course from the software’s developer, Graphisoft, adding to his existing specialist experience in the field. An extended benefit is James’ development of customised documentation resources for other DCA Team CAD Technicians to make use of.

The end result is the company staying on point with technological advancements, investing in staff training, and providing benefit to clients with smoother, faster, more accurate project management and implementation.