Wintec recently went nationwide to short-list three firms for their new $35M student learning hub. The three successful firms would then be briefed in a design competition. DCA architects teamed up with and supported MOAA architects in a Joint Venture bid, and we were lucky enough to make the short-list. The resulting MOAA-DCA scheme was a bold, brave design that would foster innovation and creativity, while providing flexible, agile spaces to connect learners and educators. The design brought the campus to the city, engaging with a busy CBD intersection. While the MOAA-DCA design wasn’t the winning scheme, we were able to hold our head high at the achievement of the short-list, taking a position on this short-list is usually reserved for larger established firms. For DCA, this was a clear signal that our research and design in the education sector is being recognised and respected. Even though we didn’t win this time, our time will come…….soon.