It’s a wrap for 2023

Every year, DCA Architects orchestrate a spectacular Christmas event for the entire team. This year, the adventure took us to the picturesque Hawke’s Bay for an unforgettable combination of winery exploration and a leisurely bike tour.

Upon our arrival at the charming St. George’s Lodge and settling into our cozy abodes, the adventure kicked off as Takaro Trails whisked us away to the exquisite Black Barn winery for a delightful lunch. The ambiance was nothing short of magical, filled with infectious laughter, delectable cuisine, and a breathtaking view of the sprawling winery. Jumping on our bikes, we embarked on a journey to immerse ourselves in the stunning scenery of Hawke’s Bay. The weather blessed us with its warmth and radiance, enhancing the beauty of the landscape.
Our next rendezvous was at Elephant Hill Winery, where the atmosphere was as exceptional as the wines that flowed generously. Our trip continued to Clearview Winery, where we indulged in our final wine tasting of the day.

Dinner at Pipi’s in Havelock North continued with food and wine before some of our colleagues opted for a refreshing dip in the pool, others engaged in a friendly game of tennis, and later all enjoyed a board game creating an atmosphere of hilarity & laughter.

As dawn broke, we savored a delightful breakfast and reluctantly packed our bags, and bid adios to the great weekend. Until next year team!