Post-Covid opportunities

Post-pandemic – opportunities for the future of design:

DCA’s founder and Managing Director, Darryl Church, was recently invited to give a presentation at the architectural industries ‘Design Experience Series’ events in Hamilton and Tauranga.

It’s an honour to be an invited speaker alongside other leading Kiwi architects and some of the biggest names in architecture from around the world (appearing digitally, given the nature of international travel restrictions in 2020).

The theme for the speakers, Design opportunities post-Covid, offers predictable viewpoints on the physical implications architectural design has on people’s lives. Darryl’s presentation sought to expand far beyond the physical realm, offering insight for the attending audience to consider relationships – with team members, colleagues, clients and fellow professionals and service providers. The importance of responsibly caring for our communities is also an anchor point of Darryl’s presentation, and highlights DCA’s commitment to put real financial contributions in place within our local area.

Ultimately, the DCA practice’s vision and mission for architecture is already focussed on the enrichment of humans’ lives, rather than merely building an object.