Fiji National University Master Planning

DCA Architects of Transformation completed a comprehensive investigation and master planning for Fiji National University (FNU) in 2018.

FNU was formed out of a 2010 merger of several institutions across 33 locations and approximately 20,000 students.  FNU’s aspirations are to continue its illustrious history to develop an institution consistent with international standards of teaching, research and higher learning.

DCA led a consortium of educationalists and specialist consultants to undertake extensive stakeholder workshops and a detailed condition investigation of over 270 buildings.  Collaborating with FNU, DCA expanded on their Strategic Plan 2020 to create an overarching view on the facility development and course offerings out to 2050.  The team spent two weeks undertaking an intensive investigation of the twelve major campuses and stakeholder consultation located on the main island of Viti Levu.

The $550M NZD Master Plan proposes the closing and repurposing of some suburban campuses and a focus on the development of other key campuses.

Project Details

  • Status: Completed 2019
  • Client: Fiji National University
  • Size: 12 campuses
  • Cost: $550M NZD