In fact … seven years

The New Zealand Architecture Awards honour the best architecture produced in New Zealand in a given year. This year, DCA in association with MOAA had their work meet these high standards for Te Kura o Te Whānau-a-Apanui.
Instead of us waxing lyrical about it, read what the esteemed Judges had to say….

The success of any kura is critical to empowering our future generations. Those who are lucky to work and study here will connect with their whakapapa and be enriched by the experience. This project is an exemplar of how to meet adversity head on and with tenacity, consultation and understanding from the 13 Hapu; it has resulted in a rich environment for a very proud Iwi. Three gable roof forms with generous verandahs have their ley-lines oriented to places of significance and tell the story of the three schools, previously stretched over many kilometres of coastline, that have combined to become one. The careful relocation of four existing Pou, together with paving, screens, carving and brickwork treatment, continue a strong narrative about this very special place.