Designs on 25

In the interest of genuinely ‘supporting local’ and showcasing the creative people in our community, we’ve instigated a recurring commission of a local artist each year to design a graphic for promotional tee shirts, which we then provide to our team.

This year’s artist is Eugene Kara, a multi-disciplinary Maori Artist and Bronze Casting Specialist. His design is deep with multiple layers of meaning:

  • The form of the pine cone shape is in reference to our forests (Te Taiao), Whakarewarewa, Kaingaroa etc., The joy it brings us when we’re connecting to the outdoors. Metaphorically the Kakano (Seed) is ‘ideas we develop when designing, that offer an insight of what is possible’.
  • Spinning tops or ‘Poro takataka’ were traditional Maori toys, also used as teaching tools.
  • Elements of its relevance for DCA are those of choosing the right fit-for-purpose material, tool technology, and self development.
  • A faceted surface happens when something is under pressure. As the saying goes, “Pressure produces diamonds”. Each facet of this artwork offers a glimpse into DCA’s lifetime – the numerals shown represent 25 years as the number of years DCA has been in business; preceded by ‘96 – the year the business was founded, and ‘21 – the current year.
  • Para Matchitt was the main influence for the style of Kowhaiwhai used, specifically his illustrations from the book ‘Rua and the Sea people’. The patterns are in reference to the geothermal mist of Rotorua that blankets the city.

Overall the design evokes the values of DCA.

Thanks Eugene. We love your work! Find out more about Eugene’s art at