DC awarded Resene Lifetime Achievement Award

Darryl Church was honoured with a lifetime achievement award at the 2017 Resene Total Colour Awards as part of the NZ Fashion Week.

The judges commented:

“Darryl doesn’t just apply colour to a project, he interweaves it into the design, so that the design and the colour become inseparable. His placement of colour is always so precise, so carefully crafted.

Rather than relying on vast planes of brights, Darryl applies the colours he chooses in such innovative ways that the colour itself is amplified, as are the surrounding materials. Who could forget the impactfulness of the green Resene Impromptu peeking out through the timber batten walls of the Waiariki institute of Technology Health + Science Building?

Darryl won his first Resene Total Colour Award the first year the awards ran with his Youth Centre Project.

We’ve had the privilege of seeing many colourful projects from Darryl Church and we look forward to seeing many colourful more.”