Awards are great but transforming lives is better

National Winner for Category 07 – Commercial/Industrial

It is a significant acknowledgment and achievement to be awarded the 2022 National winner in the Commercial/Industrial category of the ADNZ awards. We have received numerous building user testimonials that give us confidence that we have achieved what we set out to do.

The following were some of the highlights from building users over the last few months:

“We absolutely love the way the building is working, and it just keeps getting better and better as we find new and innovative ways to use the spaces”

“The building design has achieved everything we hoped for and ‘has a soul’ at the core of all the different activities that take place there. It’s outstanding”

“We had such a special day and one of the most heart-warming moments for me was seeing how excited and how much fun the children were having in both the multi-purpose rooms and the hub – including bouncing balls and generally running around and no adults were pestering them to stop doing things”

“She says children’s church has been brilliant because the building works so well – and to be able to come during the week and work in the admin area with the rest of the staff has been a real blessing to her. She said that for the first time she is excited and looks forward to coming in and being part of a ministry team – mostly because of the building”

“The building seems to be working as we prayed for”.