An icon of Health & Wellness

With the recent release of the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) update for Rotorua the Government announced it would be injecting $17M into Rotorua health and tourism facilities. $8M of this is for the new QE Health & Wellness building. DCA Architects of Transformation are proud to reveal that we have been appointed to the project since January 2020 and have already undertaken the concept design phase.

QE Health is historically significant to the people of Rotorua – its specialist clinical and rehabilitation services have a 76-year heritage, originating from the need to rehabilitate our returning servicemen after World War II.
In the current era, QE Health includes multiple wellbeing services which include programmes to aid recovery and rehabilitation from cancer, injury from accidents, clinical psychology and social work. It also provides a role in offering students placements across other disciplines, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nursing, rheumatology, psychology, and sports & fitness.

QE Health’s existing premises was no longer fit for purpose, so the opportunity to design a completely new facility holds great potential for the scope of what is possible. The new building will be located 300 metres from the current site on Rotorua’s lakefront. It will cater for modern clinical treatments for Health and Wellness using the unique geothermal water and mud resources.

At DCA, we are excited by the opportunity to create focused premises, deserving of the high-quality services which QE Health & Wellness offers.
The new facilities will include a range of clinical services including geothermal therapy, massage, physiotherapy, gym, orthotics, rehabilitation services, inpatients and accommodation.

We’re looking forward to working with our project partners to continue the legacy for this Rotorua icon with its purpose-designed facilities.

Type: Health
Value: $13M
Size: 3,000 sq.m