Adventurous Acrobatic Architects

Our Team Christmas functions are always an adventure: ziplining, go-karting, 4-wheel-driving, firing arrows and shotguns, climbing volcanoes – we’ve done some cool things in the outdoor playground on offer in Rotorua.

This year we thought we’d offer a more relaxing outdoors activity with a serene sail on Pure Cruise’s catamaran on the stunning Lake Rotoiti, enjoying a bbq lunch and soak in the Manupirua Hot Pools.

Mandatory adventuring was done by those climbing trees and leaping into the lake. Special credit to Antonia, Alan and Beka for taking on the jump from the tallest tree. Especially Beka, as it was her first day ‘on the job’ with DCA – she truly showed us her mettle with being first up (and off) the big tree.