A Foundation Built On Lego

With a childhood engulfed in creating masterpieces from lego and a Dad as an architect, it was clear from the start that Nick Chibnall-West had the makings to offer something special to our built environment in the future.

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Nick to company director, alongside founder Darryl Church as managing director and Werner Naude as a fellow Director. DCA has some serious talent and leadership at the helm to take the team and company to the next level.

Nick started at DCA in 2015 as an architectural graduate with 5 years industry experience.

“It was great starting out as a small team – we all had to roll our sleeves up and get stuck into every part of the project. This level of exposure made for a great fast-track experience and it’s a time I look back on fondly. We were a small nuggety team, willing to have a crack at anything – this mentality is still imbued in the company.”

Another big draw-card was having access to all year round world-class mountain biking… right on the doorstep – no more travel times!

As the roots have been set and grown to now have two new little family members – Nick feels very fortunate to live in Rotorua which offers a great community vibe and an endless adventure playground. And being a part of a company that has, passion, culture and a growth mindset woven throughout a diverse team completes the ultimate work life balance.